Barn Hunt Practice & Workshops

Workshop Configuration

Length: Partial Day   Time: 1 - 2 hours    Size: 6 - 10 dogs    Location: Zanee Agility Arena

Hurdles, Team, and Master/Senior ring time, Oh My! This is workshop is designed to help teach you the rules for each event and to practice. Some of the most successful handler and dog teams at the last regional attended this kind of workshop.

This is a 4 hour workshop going over all 3 events!

Cost: $100

Regional Workshop

Always wanted to do Crazy 8s but didn't understand the rules? Well know is your time to try it out and learn about about this fun game for you and your dog.

Cost: $30

Learn to Play

Crazy 8s

Learn how to get your Crazy 8s scores higher with different strategies. Come prepared to try some new things out in the ring.

Cost: $30

 Improve your Crazy 8 Scores

Does your dog cling to you? Will they not  look for a rat unless you are telling them what to do? If so, we can help your dog learn to hunt independent from you!

Cost: $30

Teaching Your Dog to Hunt Independently

Taking your independent hunting to a new level. You will work on distance challenges and structure hides to help you be successful in the Master ring!

Cost: $30

Masters Level Distance Challenges

Start to master really difficult hides. We all know that some judges have easy hides and some have hard ones. So, master the hard one to improve your "Q" rate!

Cost: $30

Truly Difficult Hides

How to use what happens before you enter the ring to set yourself up for a great run.  Engaging your dog to work with you before you go in the ring. Includes blinds and runs

Cost: $30

Set the Stage for Successful Barn Hunt Runs

Judges Workshop - Auditing and Working spots available. There will be lecture in the morning and practice course building and judging in the afternoon. 


$200 Working

$100 Auditing

Judges Workshop

Free Practice are for ONLY those that work at least 2 classes at our last trial or Regional. The session is 2 hours and you are guaranteed a minimum of 2 runs. All are expected to help between runs. 


Limited to 12 dogs.

Cost: FREE

 FREE Worker Practice

Work on 3-turn tunnels like those that will be in Regionals or Master courses.  

3-Turn Tunnels

This is an introduction to the sport of Barn Hunt. Dogs will be introduced to rats in tubes and will learn to search for the rats on a Novice level course.

Intro to Barn Hunt

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