Barn Hunt Practice & Workshops

Workshop Configuration

Length: Partial Day   Time: 1 - 2 hours    Size: 6 - 10 dogs    Location: Zanee Agility Arena


Are you ready to enter a Barn Hunt trial but aren't sure how? I am here to tell you it is in the competitor rulebook ;) but I am also offering this seminar, to help you learn how to find events being offered and how to PROPERLY enter your dog(s) into trials. I will provide some printed materials. We will go over both digital and paper entry. And review premium info.


Bring a chair, a pen, laptop and/or smartphone if you have access to one! Dress warm!

Vaccine verification and mask wearing required.

Note: It will take place in the Training Barn. Therefore, all participants will be required to wear a properly fitted mask at all times when inside the building. King County Vaccine Verification Policy will also be followed.

Barn Hunt Trial Ready Seminar


Do you need to improve tunnel performance?  Then this is the workshop for you!  


We will be working three- and four-turn tunnels, adding skylights, jogs, and working from a distance.  Although we aren't going to limit this to just those going to regionals or nationals, your dog needs to be comfortable with a minimum of two-turn tunnels.  

Be sure to bring a favorite reward!  Toys or food is fine, as long as it's an AMAZING reward to your dog!  If you're bringing food, it's time to get out the big guns.  No boring kibble.  It's time for chicken or even raw burger.  Oh, and bring a hungry dog!

Tenacious Tunnels!

Tari May 12 TCAR CZ8s Super Q 105 pts

Team practice for those participating in the Regionals or Nationals in October. Find a Team Partner or practice with your current partner. We will be looking at how well you both work together, who will do the tunnel and the climb. Also, reviewing the rules and making sure both dogs stay working. 

Team Practice


Learn or practice Hurdles for Nationals or Regionals. There will be a rule review with Q&A.

Each team will do 2 practice rounds (2 runs each round), then two "mock trial" rounds (one run each round) where you blind with up to 3 other teams waiting your turn. For a total of 6 hurdles runs over the two hours!!

*If you have a dog sensitive to handling, especially with a human they do not know, please plan to bring a "holder" for your dog(s) as that is a requirement to participate.