Barn Hunt Workshop Descriptions

Learn to Play Crazy 8s

8 Rats, 2 minutes, ready go! Learn how to play this fun, non-regular class game. We will go over, requirements so you understand how to accumulate points, the penalties for not doing certain things on the course, titles and more. Must be competing at the Novice level or above, or you will need permission of the instructor. 

Improve your Crazy 8s Scores

Learn how to get higher scores than you currently do with different strategies. Come prepared to try out new ways of finding rats in the rings and speeding up the hunt. Make the best of your 2 minutes in the ring! Must have competed in Crazy8's, or permission from the instructor.

Teaching Your Dog to Hunt Independently

Does your dog cling to you? Will they not  look for a rat unless you are telling them what to do? If so, we can help your dog learn to hunt independent from you! This is a very key component to being successful at the upper levels where hides can be anywhere, including places you can't get to because they are a "high" hide on a structure or in a distance challenge. Your Crazy 8s game will improve too. 

Master Level Distance Challenges

Distance challenges will take you and your dogs skills to communicate and be successful to a whole new level. Learn how to work a distance challenge, whether it has to do with structure hides or physical barriers. Talk about strategies for success and practicing them in the ring. Must be competing at the Master level or permission of the instructor!

Truly Difficult Hides

Difficult hides can appear on any course. Why? Because there are more factors to a hide then just where the tube is. There is air movement, air temperature, what kind of tube is near by or was in that space before, moisture levels, etc. We will make made hides hard and help you think about how to find them with your dog. 

Set the Stage for Successful Barn Hunt Runs

There is more to having a successful run then just finding rats. Like most sports there are things you can do to create a more successful outcome for yourself. Well Barn Hunt is no different. Learn how to engage your dog before you get in the ring, including things to do in the blind and at the start line. 

Regional Workshop

Regional Events are made up of three classes, Hurdles, Team, and Senior/Master hunting. This workshop provides Regional level courses and hides with training. We will teach you how to do hurdles with strategies, Team hunting and strategies, and Senior/Master courses with hard hides and distance challenges. This is designed to help teach you the rules for each event and to help make you more successful at a Regional.


Barn Hunt tunnels are not agility tunnels! If you have an agility dog, we take the tunnel for granted in barn hunt, but they are NOT the same thing. Even dogs that don't do agility struggle with them, a lot. They are very dark and twist and turn so most dogs need to be taught the value of going through them. This workshop will focus on your dog’s ability to understand they are not scary but a fun place to go! We will work on building commitment to tunnels so you get to send, trust your dog to take the tunnel and come out the other end. This workshop is open to all levels. 

Distance Challenge

One of the newer additions to barn hunt rules is the distance challenge. We see competitors get confused by these challenges in competition when it is really very simple to understand. This workshop will cover the rules of the challenge so when you walk in the ring you are ready. We will also teach the dog to work away from you with games so that your dog knows how to be independent and is rewarded for this behavior. Lastly, we build your confidence by talking about strategies for a successful challenge. We want you to know that you and your dog will get the job done even if you are across the ring from him or her or both tunnel entrances are in the challenge.

This is a Master level skill, but this workshop is open to anyone that wants to learn the skills needed to complete these challenges successfully.


Do you have a hard time reading your dog?  Do you wish they had a clearer signal? Then this is the workshop for you!  We will first see if we can get their prey drive involved, the easiest way to get their signal better.  If not, we will have some shaping games, creating value for that rat in the tube.  Bring their absolute favorite treats (no kibble for this game!) a toy if they love toys, and a hungry dog!  Seriously, no breakfast, they will get plenty!

Where's the Rat?

Does your dog seem to always miss those rats in the corner?  The high ones?  Do you point and say, "check here" because the dog isn't looking everywhere? We will work on some of the common places dogs miss rats to help them understand better how to find them.  Your dog will gain experience as we focus on those places. Open to all levels.

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