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Click on the button below and register so you will have access to the Argus Ranch Course Map Library! When you register for this mailing list you will be emailed our weekly course maps for the Competition Arena (both Ring 1 & Ring 2) and the Zanee Agility Arena. You will also have access to a record of the Course Maps that are in the past as well. 

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Argus Ranch Dog Sports and Training Center is located in Auburn, WA. On our 20 acres we offer classes, seminars, workshops, and dog event hosting. With two large arenas, RV, camping, a large old barn with bedrooms, and a place for judges to stay, we are the premier place to train and play!


   - Agility

   - Barn Hunt

   - Companion Dog

   - Disc Dog

   - Flyball

   - Nosework

   - Tricks (fun & sport)


Event Hosting

     - Agility

     - Barn Hunt

     - Conformation

     - Lure Coursing

     - Nosework

     - Obedience

     - Rally

     - Seminars
     - Tracking

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