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Arena Rentals

Argus Agility Practice Rental Rules - READ FIRST

  • Do NOT move any agility equipment. The course maps are printed for both instructors and practice rentals. The equipment should be in the exact locations that are on the maps both when you arrive and when you leave the arena. If you move anything, it must be put back exactly where it was. Including any training aids.

  • Clean up after your dog. We have provided clean up stations in each ring. If your dog has an accident you must use the odor and disinfectant on the spots that were soiled.

  • Do not leave your dog unattended or roaming around the arena at anytime you are renting the arena.

  • You must ONLY use equipment that your dog is already trained on, including if your dog has not done a piece of equipment at full height (then they are NOT permitted to be on that obstacle).

  • Argus Ranch is a positive reinforcement based facility. All competitive agility organization have gone to no harsh punishments in their rules and we have also believe it is the best training methods possible. We do not allow harsh punishments while on the property. This includes pinch, e-collars, choke chain and harsh corrections.

  • Dogs must be kept under control at all times.

  • Outside instruction is not permitted within practice rentals.

  • Any and all persons at the practice rental must be booked on the online system. Bookings are for one person/rental (multiple dogs are permitted). If you would like a booking with additional people added email

  • In the event you must cancel your reservation, and you are unable to reschedule, you can request a refund, or credit minus a $5 processing fee. If notice is given less than 7 days to the reservation start date no refund or transfers will be given.  

Non-Students - READ FIRST

  • You are currently in the sport of dog agility at the intermediate lesson level at another location or you are competing at the novice level or above in competition. 

  • If you are just "trying out" agility or are at the foundation/novice level, you will not be able to rent at this time. Using agility equipment requires a clear understanding of its proper use. This is for you and your dogs protection.  

  • Pre-approval is required before signing up: Please include where you train and the instructors name, and your class level OR your completion level along the the organizations you compete in.

  • In the event you must cancel your reservation, and you are unable to reschedule, you can request a refund, or credit minus a $5 processing fee. If notice is given less than 7 days to the reservation start date no refund or transfers will be given.   

Sign up for Arena Rentals

Click on the button below and register so you will have access to the Argus Ranch Course Map Library! When you register for this mailing list you will be emailed our weekly course maps for the Competition Arena (both Ring 1 & Ring 2) and the Zanee Agility Arena. You will also have access to a record of the Course Maps that are in the past as well. 

Now that you have seen what courses are set up in each of the arenas, click the button below to create your reservation! 

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