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Blue Streak Bodywork

Therapeutic massage for performance animals 



Janet Beeby is a licensed massage practitioner, as well as a certified canine and equine massage therapist. Janet has been an avid agility competitor with her Kerry Blue Terrier, Gabby, for the last seven years. She feels passionately that bodywork is a vital link to structurally healthy, mentally happy dogs, who live long and active lives. 

Performance massage is ideal for a dog that is being asked to raise its level of fitness through training or competition. Massage will optimize performance and keep our animals structurally healthy. 

The goals of performance massages are to increase proprioceptive acuity, improve active range of motion and gait, and mobilize soft tissue. Physical benefits include improved longevity and competitive edge, improved muscle memory and neural functioning, reduces adhesion's, encourages flexibility, and disruption of postural habits. 


Janet is available for appointments at Argus on Wednesdays, $50 per 30 minutes.


Call or Email to schedule an appointment.



206-841-9127 or

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