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Zanee Summer Camp 2022


Zanee Agility Camp 1: August 26, 27, 28

Zanee Agility Camp 2: August 30, 31, Sept 1



Photos from 2019 Camp!

2022 Zanee Summer Camp 

Getting Ahead through Training, Trust, and Teamwork

This camp will focus on INDEPENDENT SKILLS to get YOU moving down  the line ahead of your dog. Our world-class instructors will help you and  your dog master independence obstacle performance and strengthen your  teamwork through skill- building and coursework sessions! Camp is open to  all levels of dogs! 

2022 Camp Information


LOCATION:  All workshops will be held outdoors on grass at Argus Ranch, 35612 212th Way SE, Auburn, WA 98092.  If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we will move inside to the competition arena. 


COST FOR CAMP:  $850; does not include lodging.  After registering for camp and getting a  confirmed spot, an invoice for a $400 deposit will be sent to you on May 1st. If your  deposit is not paid by May 7th your spot will be given to the next camper on the waitlist.  All camp payments will be made online!! Detailed instructions will be sent in the  invoices. 

LODGING:  Brutus Hall, RV parking and camping are available for an additional charge. To book your RV or camping reservation, go to  Brutus Hall will be open for reservations on June 1st and we will be sending more information to those who are interested in staying on site.  We are encouraging everyone to share rooms.    You can see a full description of each room on the website.  All of the rooms have at least 2 beds (various sizes). Some rooms have private baths. All rooms have shared baths, kitchen and living space. There are also several hotels close by in Auburn!  


FOOD:  We will offer coffee and breakfast snacks in the morning, and lunch and snacks in the afternoon. Dinner will be on your own, except for the second day at camp, when we will have a BBQ and a presentation.  We will provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.  If you have other dietary restrictions, you may need to supplement what is offered.   The closest available restaurants/grocery stores  are about a 10-minute drive.   



We’re having a BBQ and lecture Saturday night! We are still confirming our instructor for the Saturday night BBQ. Updates will come shortly!



  • Full refunds will be issued for those who pull 30 days or more from the event if a substitute is found. 

  • A 50% partial refund will be issued for those who pull 30 days prior to the event if a substitute is found. 

  • No refunds will be given to those who pull 2 weeks before the event.

  • No refunds will be issued if no substitute is found. 



There is not a lot of shade. Please be prepared to bring shade tents and shade cloths for yourself and your dogs. We will have a few canopies set up for everyone to use. If you have the ability to share your canopy, that would be great!



Each day will consist of a combination of group rotations through  each of the instructors (general instruction) and specific electives to choose from. Participants will be emailed a survey after confirmation to pick their elective choices. Hopefully it will work out that everyone gets their first choices, but just to be on the safe  side, you will be asked to indicate a first choice and second choice each session. The  camp schedule is still being finalized, but all groups will get equal working time with  each instructor in a rotation. More to come!! 

Electives are still being finalized by the instructors, but here are some examples of topics you can expect: 

Threadles, Threadles, and more Threadles!

Test your dog’s understanding  and skills as we work through threadle challenges and proofing. We will be  working on the difference between threadle collection, threadle extension, tunnel, and weave threadles.  

Crazy Countermotion Commitment!

Learn how to train your dog to commit to a  jump or tunnel while you run in the other direction! With a series of simple  games, we train a critical skill that is useful of improving turns, getting better  position on course, improving jumping and more. Young dogs welcome!  

Stacked Challenges!

Back-to-back handling challenges push the limits of your  dog’s understanding and require extra precision in your timing and execution.  Stacked challenges can be further complicated if the dog needs to switch from  handler focus to obstacle focus or vice versa.  

Set the Line!

Understanding lines… LINES rule the game of agility! You will  learn how to identify lines, also called the path of the dog, in both shorter and  longer sequences. We will discuss and learn how to avoid off-course  potentials/traps based on the understanding of lines. If you dream about  accuracy, consistency, and speed in your game, this is where you learn how to  accomplish that. 

as well as… 

Proofing Serps, Backsides, Young Dog Foundations, Verbals, Rear Crosses,  Layering, Jump/Tunnel Discriminations, Collection, Shifting Connection, Distance  Challenges, Choosing the Best Handling Options, and MORE!!

Are you ready for camp?!

2022 Instructors 



Agility University (, and Agility MasterClass (


Tracy Sklenar has been training dogs and competing in dog agility for almost 25 years and is perhaps the  only handler in the world who has won medals in international Finals as a coach for 2 different countries  AND as a handler with her own dog in both team and individual events. She is on the faculty of Agility  University ( and Agility MasterClass (, and also travels  extensively to teach seminars and compete. Her “Feet Forward” approach to handling and emphasis on  connection and reinforcement have helped handlers excel at every level and with every type of dog! 

Tracy’s dogs have had very successful careers Regionally, Nationally and Internationally in agility and  now she has added Flyball and disc to her dogs’ list of accomplishments! She and her dogs have  achieved many titles & championships, made many Finalist appearances as well as multiple podium  appearances in the U.S., in Canada and in Europe. She has competed as a member of 5 European Open  teams and the IFCS World Team. Tracy has competed successfully in agility with a variety of dogs of all  shapes, sizes and temperaments. Export closed out his career with a National Championship in the  Games Championship at the UKI US Open! Most recently, Voodoo and Crusher were the National  Speedstakes Champions in their respective divisions at the virtual UKI Canada Open, with Voodoo  repeating his Speedstakes victory at the virtual UKI US Open. 

Currently, Tracy shares her life with 8 dogs: 3 BC/terrier mixes (16 year old Export, 13 year old Matrix,  and 3 year old Hot Sauce), a BC/CS mix (9 year old Voodoo), two Papillons (10 year old Crusher and 7  year old Macho Nacho) and 2 pointy puppies (Whippet mixes): Border Whippet, Contraband and Bwhap,  Elektra! She began agility with 2 mixed breeds and 2 Dalmatians, and also enjoyed a fabulous high level career with Rebound, a Rat Terrier. This range of experience with a variety of breeds and individuals has  helped her become an instructor who can help all types of dogs and handlers! 

Tracy also has extensive coaching experience, ranging from local competitors to international teams. She  bases her Feet Forward approach on the streamlined international styles of handling found in parts of  Europe and emphasizes teamwork, connection, independence, consistency, mental focus, play and fun  for both the handler and the dog to build a clear system of communication for each team. She came out  of team coaching retirement to coach Team USA at the IFCS World Agility Championships in Valencia,  Spain in 2017 and stayed on to coach the 2018 USA team in Italy. In 2012 and 2011, she was the  Coach/Manager of Team USA at the World Agility Open in Belgium and the United Kingdom, and in both  years was proud to see the US team bring home more medals than any other country - both times! She  served as the Manager/Coach for Team Canada at the IFCS World Agility Championships in 2008, 2010 and in 2012. These teams were also very successful, ranking high in the Individual medal count and  bringing home medals in the Team event. 


Outside of international competitions, Tracy’s local, national and international students from live classes,  seminars, and online classes have achieved great success with a variety of breeds, including  championship titles, national finals appearances, top five finishes in their breed, Invitational appearances,  and more! Tracy uses positive reinforcement, motivational games and shaping to build brilliant behaviors  while teaching the handlers to be consistent and positive in their handling and dog training.



Oregon School For Clever Dogs (  


Tammy has been training dogs for more than 30 years and found her love for agility in 1999 with her  Australian Shepherd, Blaze. She has been teaching since 2002 and opened her own training program in  2006 when she founded the Oregon School for Clever Dogs. 

Tammy believes agility should be fun and challenging for all members of the team without being  overwhelming or frustrating. She likes to break things down into manageable pieces for both dog and  handler while building teams up. She chooses to empower teams so they can be confident with their skills  and understanding of what is being asked of them. Tammy’s experience allows her to read both handler  and dog and she uses this ability to push teams just enough to encourage them to leave their comfort  zones but doesn’t overface them. She believes that teams should enjoy the process. If either the dog or  the handler is not enjoying the game, she finds ways to make changes to ensure progress is happening  through joy. 

Her personal handling style does not always match that of her students. She is a dog trainer first and  makes sure her dogs are trained to the level that will be expected on course. She prefers to use trained  skills, verbals, and some physical cues to navigate sequences. She feels the more a dog understands  what is being asked, the easier handling becomes. Tammy trains dogs and humans using positive,  reward-based methods. 

Tammy’s background as a Veterinary Technician and a Small Animal Massage Practitioner allows her to  see when problems on course may be due to physical limitations and not necessarily training issues. 

When not teaching others or training her own dogs, Tammy can be found enjoying the outdoors with her  dogs in beautiful Central Oregon. Besides hiking and paddling, Tammy can be found baking treats for  others, gardening, reading, recording podcasts with her pal Penny, photographing her adventures, and  spending time with family and friends. Tammy has two Border Collies, Hi-Fi and Freddy Mercury, and a Mudi named Cake.



Pace Agility (  


Desiree is no stranger to the field of teaching and coaching. It is her passion and what she has done all  her life. She has her Teaching and Coaching Credentials from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences,  and she also holds a degree from San Diego State University in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine. She is  currently working as an Agility Instructor/coach at Argus Ranch Dog Sports and Training Center, in  Auburn, WA. She also gives seminars around the US and abroad and offers remote coaching as part of  her own dog training business, Pace Agility. 

Desiree has had the enjoyment of working with a variety of breeds, from Terriers, Malamutes and  Bloodhounds to Border Collies and Shelties in a variety of dog sports. She currently shares 4 dogs with  her spouse, Daim 13, Pace 13, Cru 8.5 and Peak 3.5, all Border Collies. The 3 older dogs have competed  in Agility, Obedience, Rally and Canine Nose Work. Her dogs have earned a number of titles and awards  in several venues. Desiree has been involved in agility since 2004 and started out with a brother/sister  team of Siberians Huskies. They both made history for themselves in the performance world… 

Peak is the young one in the family and loves his pack. He loves to play, swim, run, hike and do any type  of training with his mom and his siblings. He is a quick learner and is working very hard on expanding  his horizon…He had his agility debut in AKC at 17 months. Recently, he attended his first big national  event; USDAA Cynosport, in Murfreesboro, TN. He was determined to step up to the plate… Peak and  Desiree climbed their way up from both the Grand Prix and Steeplechase Quarter Finals to the Semi  Finals and ended up in both Finals in a very competitive 22” class. He is the 2021 USDAA Cynosport  World Games, Steeplechase Champion, he took 2nd combined in the Biathlon event (6th in jumpers and 1st in standard), but unfortunately did not get on the podium in the GP event. In addition, he took a 3rd  place in Team Standard. He attended also the AKC EOTT Tryouts in December 2021 and had some good performances. 

Cru is an awesome athlete and enjoyable to work and live with. He is adored by his pack. He loves agility and will jump on any opportunity to compete and show off his skills. In 2017 and in 2019, Cru earned his spot on to the EO Team by winning the ISC class at the AKC National Agility Championships. He loved his first international competition in Milan, Italy in 2017, and asked for more. Well, he did get more…He  made it on to the AKC/USA FCI Agility World Championship Team in 2018 in Sweden. Cru took 11th  place with his jumpers run. Cru was excited that his older brother Pace, who he adores, was on the Team as well, as an alternate. After that event Cru went on to become the 2018 USDAA Cynosport World  Games, Grand Prix Champion in the 24” class. In 2019 he got on the podium again with a Grand Prix 3rd place. Also in 2019 he travelled to Brazil to compete in the American Agility Open where his Team took  2nd place in the Team Final.

Desiree’s oldest Border Collie, Pace, was on the top of his agility game for 8 years, both nationally  and internationally. He has competed on the USA/IFCS World Team 5 times (2014 - 2018) and earned 2  individual gold medals (Individual Jumping and the Biathlon Combined) and 1 Team silver medal. He has  also competed on the AKC/FCI World Agility Championship Team 2 times (2014,15) and was an alternate  on the team in 2018. Pace earned a bronze medal in the Combined Individual Large Dogs in 2014 and  he earned a bronze medal in the Team Jumping Large Dogs in 2015. He has competed at Crufts (The  largest dog show in the world) in 2014 and 15. In addition, he has been on the podium 5 years at the AKC  National Agility Championships. In 2013 and 2015 he took 1st place in the 26” class and in 2014 and 2016 he took 3rd place. In 2018 he took a 2nd place in the 24” class. He is a 3-time USDAA Cynosport  World Games National Steeplechase Champion (2011,13,15) in the 26” class. In 2018 at 9 ½ years old  he almost did it again, but ended up taking 2nd in Steeplechase, 24” class. Pace and Desiree have  competed three times in the European Open (2012, 13, 15). In 2015, her Team ended up in 5th place in  the final. 

Desiree enjoys teaching and coaching and loves to see the lights go on for both the humans and the  dogs. Desiree believes that a great handler-dog relationship along with good communication and a strong  positive reinforcement history are big parts of setting a great foundation for the team.


When Desiree is not teaching or competing, you can find her and her dogs hiking in the magnificent and  vast area surrounding Mt. Rainier in Washington. 



Momentum Dog Sports  


Moe Strenfel is the owner of Momentum Dog Sports and teaches in Morgan Hill, CA and Carmel, CA.  

Moe studied traditional dog training philosophies before being introduced to operant conditioning (OC) at  a 1994 Karen Pryor seminar. In 1998, she fully embraced OC training through a series of operant  conditioning workshops working with chickens from Bob and Marian Bailey.  

Prior to becoming a full-time instructor, Moe had been training agility with her own dogs for over 17 years.  Her total experience in the sport spans 28 years. She has put the highest AKC and USDAA titles on five  different breeds: Boxer, Border Collie, Mini Aussie, Whippet and currently, BorderPaps. She has competed for many years at nationals in USDAA, AKC and UKI. She was a member of the gold medal  winning WAO Team USA that competed in Belgium in May 2012.  

Her own training philosophy emphasizes science-based training, essential analysis, consistency, play,  humor, and continuous teamwork. She can empathize with the handler who is not always physically  capable to “run” but helps teams build distance skills early in their partnership to provide the same 
success as “younger” teams. She can help handlers learn to strategize critical handling points on course  and then use effective training to maximize the dog’s individual effort. Which then allows the handler to  meet the four-legged team member at those critical handling points. She has an excellent eye for details  and the ability to break behavior down into simple training exercises. While Moe has experience with  many different handling systems such as Greg Derrett, Awesome Paws (Linda Mecklenburg), and One  Mind Dogs; she chooses to use Shape Up Dogs (Justine Davenport) and Handling 360 (Susan Garrett) to  train her own dogs. 



Golden Gate Dog Sports (  


I have had a lifelong love of dogs, which started as a child in the North of England with the family pet,  Patch, a hooligan Jack Russell Terrier. After finishing college I emigrated to the USA, where I have lived  for the last 25+ years. In 2002, I decided the time was right to own a dog. After doing much research I settled on an obscure French herding breed, the Pyrenean Shepherd. I was attracted by their natural  intelligence, smallish size and rustic appearance. I was mainly looking for hiking and running companion.  Just before Thanksgiving 2002, Luka arrived on a Continental flight from Cleveland to San Francisco.  This dog changed my life forever. Luka was not a very confident or outgoing puppy, but she loved the  training routine and this helped her confidence grow. After 1 year of obedience classes we discovered  agility through some friends and started to take weekly agility classes. The rest, as they say, is history…  

Together Luka and I competed for 9+ years and during that time we won numerous national  championships (AKC and USDAA). Luka was selected as a member of the AKC World Team 4 times. In 2009, Luka and I helped the USA Medium dog team take a silver medal at the FCI World Championships  in Dornbirn, Austria. In 2011, Luka celebrated her 9th birthday by winning the individual gold medal at the  FCI World Championships in Liévin, France.  

More recently I have competed with my 2nd Pyrenean Shepherd, Dash, who was selected as an AKC  World Team member in 2016. My latest agility teammate is a young border collie, Neve, who is just  starting to compete. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my wife, Stacey and two children Rory (6  years old) and Liam (16 years old). I have been coaching agility since 2010 and am a partner and owner of Golden Gate Dog Sports in San Francisco. Over the last 3 years, I have been judging UKI trials. In 2021 I was a class judge at the UKI US Open and I have been invited back as a designing judge for 2022.  I enjoy designing flowing fun courses that blend speed with handling challenges. 


Argus Ranch Dog Sports & Training Center (, and Zanee Agility  (











From Jordan: When I started training dogs the training practice was much different. At that time it was  choke chains, punishment and unhappy dogs. At that point, I thought to myself, “there has got to be a  better way to do this!” That was when I started researching dog training and positive reinforcement and  found some great people who helped teach me how to build behavior in dogs. It was then I realized that I  had a talent for working with my dogs. I then continued to teach my dogs all the tricks I could think of and  continued learning more about training dogs, which brought me to agility, my true passion. 

My commitment to learning and developing better training methods for myself and my students is a key  element at Zanee Agility. I continue to attend seminars from top competitors, take online classes from top  competitors, have read multiple books and watched dvd’s about agility, foundation, body awareness,  conditioning dogs for sports, injury prevention, developing focus, jumping skills etc.. I am committed to  being the best that I can be and bringing out the most I can in each of my students. 

My training, handling and classes are inspired by international competitors Silvia Trkman and Justine  Davenport. I focus on trained skills that I can TRUST on course! I have been very fortunate to learn from  many different people including Tammy Moody, Justine Davenport, Jessica Patternson and Desiree  Snellman. I can’t thank them enough for their support and encouragement throughout my agility journey! 

My most powerful teachers have always been and always will be, my dogs. They have always given me  the best feedback that I could ask for and have, in every way, helped me learn how to be a better positive  trainer and handler in agility. 
My Training Philosophy – I believe that agility and all training is about having fun with your dog! If your  dog thinks playing with you is fun, then they will think agility is fun or coming when called or heel work or  anything your you wanted to do. I have really tried to implement this in my training and agility classes. 

Jordan Biggs is the proud new owner of Argus Ranch and hails from the Pacific Northwest. Jordan is  combining her skills as a trainer and handler to become a force to be reckoned with in the agility ring! She  began 2018 with a bang by representing the USA with her 5-year old Border Collie, Kirbee, at the IFCS World Agility Championships in Italy. She also won her way onto the USA European Open Team by  winning round one and will be going to the Netherlands in July, 2019.  

She shares her home with her border collies; Kirbee, Riskee, their love-child Pancake, and the newest  addition Maybee, and her 1 year old Powder Puff Chinese Crested Iffee!  



In-Sync Dog Training (


Shauna has been involved in the dog world in one way or another for over 10 years. For the last seven years, her focus has been agility, where she has made her mark in the competitive agility field. She is admired for her smooth handling and well-trained skills which enables her dogs to have strong independent  behaviors. Shauna has run many different breeds but currently owns Border Collies, Sport mixes and a Staffy. She puts a lot of emphasis on proofing skills to allow for less management and more independence. Shauna took home regional and national championships with her first agility dog, Zoe, who was a shepherd  mix. Recently, Shauna made a statement at IFCS World Championships winning a gold medal 3 years in a row with her border collie, Splash.

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