Nosework Class Schedule

Regular Class Configuration

Length: 6 weeks

Time: 1 - 1.5 hours


Size: 6 dogs

Cost: $175

Location: Obedience Barn

Intro to Nosework

Sundays, May 10th - June 14th

    Instructor - Sarah Forde

Intermediate Mixed-Level Nosework

Wednesdays, April 1st - May 27th 

   Instructor - Kathy Weaver

Competition Nosework - NW3 and Beyond

 Wednesdays, April 1st - May 27th

     Instructor - Kathy Weaver

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Argus Ranch Dog Sports and Training Center is located in Auburn, WA. On our 20 acres we offer classes, seminars, workshops, and dog event hosting. With two large arenas, RV, camping, a large old barn with bedrooms, and a place for judges to stay, we are the premier place to train and play!


   - Agility

   - Barn Hunt

   - Companion Dog

   - Disc Dog

   - Nosework

   - Tricks (fun & sport)


Event Hosting

     - Agility

     - Barn Hunt

     - Conformation

     - Lure Coursing

     - Nosework

     - Obedience

     - Rally

     - Seminars
     - Tracking

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