Tricks for Fun, Sports and Titles

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Tricks for Fun, Sports and Titles   

There are so many reasons to teach your dog tricks. It’s not only fun for you and your dog, but also provides your dog with both mental and physical exercise.  Plus you can show off what cool things dogs can do to your friends!  Some tricks teach dogs practical skills they can do around the house – turn on a light?  Close a cabinet door?   Get you a tissue?  All are fun tricks that your dog can learn!  Tricks are also a great outlet for bored dogs, plus our all positive training approach can increase your dog's enthusiasm for learning and take your relationship with your dog to a higher level.


 In our Tricks for Fun, Sports and Titles class, you will be teaching your dog new foundation tricks and fine-tuning ones it already knows. Once your dog masters trick foundations, you will be combining tricks to create new complex your ones. Trick training is fun and creative!  When a dog learns tricks, it becomes adept at learning new behaviors. While teaching your dog tricks, you become adept at mastering training techniques you can use in all types of training. 


Several exciting dog sports are based on tricks: Canine Parkour, Rally Freestyle Elements and Canine Musical Freestyle. You can earn titles in these sports via video submissions of your dog's tricks. If you're interested in trick dog titles, AKC and Do More With Your Dog offer several levels of trick dog titles. Your instructor, an AKC CGA evaluator and a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, can witness your tricks and sign your application. 

Rally Freestyle Elements Workshop   

Ready for something new? Rally Freestyle Elements (RFE) is a combination of rally-obedience and tricks. You'll learn about this exciting activity, train some of the freestyle-like tricks used in RFE, and participate in an novice-level RFE course. Prerequisite: Basic obedience such as walking on a loose leash, sit, down and stay. Questions? Contact the instructor.