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Argus Ranch Online

Here are the classes that are currently available. Let us know if you have any questions by clicking on the paper airplane. 

Online/Virtual Class Refund Policy

We offer a 90% refund for the class if you request a cancellation at least 5 days before the class begins. There are no refunds once the course has started. We suggest that you read the information provided carefully before making your purchase. If you have any questions about whether the content is right for you, please email us at

Thread the Needle: Amazing Threadles!!


Instructors - Jordan Biggs & Hana Spitz

NEW MATERIAL!! We have added proofing exercises for threadle wraps, threadles slices and tunnel threadles incorporating new verbals for each!

With courses and judges getting trickier…. Adding a proofed threadle into your handling is the way to go!


Learn to train your dog to execute amazing threadles while you continue to run forward on course! You too can learn to threadle, all with minimal access to equipment!

This course will focus on building a great understanding on threadle slices, threadle wraps and tunnel threadles! Building and maintaining a TRAINED threadle your dog will understand regardless of your handling position! 

Threadle Online Class_NEW2022.png

This class begins runs for 8 weeks (6 lessons with a 2 week break to catch up). Open to dogs of all ages, working spots only need access to 1-2 jumps and an optional tunnel. See the registration page (link above) for full details!

Working Spots: $195 

Auditing Spots: $115

Starts November 1st!

NEW! Let’s Have FUN With FUNfetti! - Foundation Agility

Instructors - Hana Spitz & Jordan Biggs

Follow along with Hana Spitz while she builds a strong agility foundation with Funfetti! In this course you will learn agility foundation, puppy focus, shaping tricks, body awareness & everything your dog needs to be successful at the highest level of agility. 


Looking for exercises with older foundation dogs?!?! Jordan Biggs will be joining in the FUN with Zanee, Louee & Pancake! Hana with Seriee & Jordan will both be adding in proofing, commitment & discrimination drills for young dogs!

Started October 3rd!


NEW! Skills & Drills for Agility

Instructors - Jordan Biggs & Hana Spitz

Looking for ways to improve and challenge your training in small spaces? This class is for you! Each lesson consists of a skill proofing exercise, a warm up drill, small space drills, larger space drills & a course. Whether you are looking for more ways to challenge your handing, training or you are getting ready for a large event this class will proof and test your training! 

Started September 26th!


NEW! Tricks for Dog Sports

Instructor - Jordan Biggs & Hana Spitz

Each lesson in this class progressively builds on one another so your dog easily learn the tricks in this class. This class has a wide variety in tricks to build better body awareness, strengthening tricks, thinking tricks and so much more!


Started October 3rd!


NEW! Bring Me That Toy!

Instructor - Jordan Biggs & Hana Spitz

Learn How to build & maintain a fantastic retrieve to hand! In this course your dog will learn how to retrieve objects (including toys!) straight to your hand!


Started September 26th!


Fantastic Running Contacts Fall 2022 

Instructors - Jordan Biggs & Hana Spitz

Started September 19th! First lesson just came out! There is still time to register :)


Each lesson in this class progressively builds the skills needed to teach your dog a successful running dogwalk and A-frame. Jordan uses a mat work method, focusing on teaching obstacle commitment after the dogwalk while creating and maintaining the mat criteria. The class starts with creating value for the mat and understanding of the task. That understanding is then moved to a plank and gradually built into a complete dogwalk performance as well as A-frame performance. Training and adding verbals for dogwalk exits (go straight, collect, turn away) is also covered as well as some obstacle sequencing.

unnamed (1)_edited.jpg

Working Spots: $249               Auditing Spots: $179

Verbals for Agility

Instructor - Jordan Biggs

Available for self study -  Verbals in agility have become one of the most needed skills for both dogs and handlers. Verbal cues are extremely important to help dogs differentiate and discriminate between obstacles regardless of where the handler is positioned.   No matter the venue, your ability to communicate with your dog can be greatly enhanced with solid verbal understanding and skills. Want to know the best part? It doesn't matter if you are the fastest handler or the slowest! You can build your verbal understanding with your dog so they ALWAYS understand it, wherever you are! This course will walk you through how you can teach your dog to UNDERSTAND verbals. It will help you and your dog master all the skills needed to have consistent verbal understanding in any situation.


Seriouslee & Friends Training Chronicles 

Instructor - Jordan Biggs

Available for self study - Follow along with Jordan as she trains tricks, shaping, fitness, verbals, running contacts and more with her new puppy Seriouslee and her puppy friends!


Seriouslee & Friends Agility Chronicles 

Instructor - Jordan Biggs

Available for self study - Follow along with Jordan through Seriee's agility foundation training! Now that she has built a strong foundation for working together through distractions in any new environment you can follow along as she trains all the agility skills needed for an amazing agility dog!

IMG_2330 c.JPG

Get BACK in Shape!

Instructor - Leslie Eide

Ready to get back in the game? The ongoing global pandemic has thrown everyone’s world upside down, including our dogs! Get (Back) In Shape will teach you a basic understanding of canine fitness and guide you step by step to get your dog ready to return to the games you both love. We will cover cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility. Learn from the best how to get your dog back in the game and stay in the game.

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