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Barn Hunt Program


Barn Hunt classes teach the rules, help the dogs understand what they are looking for and how to communicate they found the rat.


The Club @ Argus Ranch is Argus Ranch's Barn Hunt Club. We put on 4 trials a year and a Regional!


Barn Hunt Association link to sign up for a trial or just register yourself and your dog!


Classes are generally held throughout the week. Weekend classes held intermittently for those that can't attend during the week.

Fire May 11 TCAR CZ8's

Photos from our trials. If you would like your photo on this page, please email it with your request to


Offering specialty workshops like Tunnels, Signaling, Dogs & Scent, and Scent Movement. 


Training for Champions! Our program focuses on all the skills necessary to be the Champion you want to be, be it at the local or national level!

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