Companion Dog Workshops

Take advantage of these bite-sized sessions for great ideas and mentored practice on a specific skill. Minimum registration of at least 3 students required for each workshop to go forward, so if you are interested be sure to sign up in advance. All workshops $35.


December 8th - 5:00 PM


Does your dog become overly excited about greeting people? Jump and pull and bounce around? Learn how to teach your dog to sit calmly around friends, family, and strangers.

This is a one-day workshop that introduces several exercises to help teach your dog to sit calmly. 

Polite Greetings


December 22nd - 5:00 PM


Interested in teaching your dog to bring anything to you? Want to build a strong retrieve for Competition Obedience, Disc Dog, Flyball, or other sports, or for service dog work?
This is a one-day workshop introducing exercises helpful in teaching a reliable retrieve.

It is helpful but not necessary to bring the object you would like the dog to learn how to retrieve (obedience dumbbell, tennis ball, car keys, etc.).

Intro to Retrieving


January 12th - 6:00 PM


Get some practice in before the Puyallup, Monroe, and Ridgefield shows! Some limited feedback and advice are provided.

Walk throughs will be strictly at the top of the hour and every team will get two run throughs - more if time allows. You do not need to be present for the walk-through to participate. There will be a nested course for Novice - Excellent. Certain Master signs may be able to be substituted in if there is enough interest. Identify your level when you arrive to help establish the run order. Exc / Adv will go first, then the jump(s) will be removed for Int / Nov.

Crating inside is allowed if the dogs are calm and quiet.

Rally Drop-In Practice (All Levels)


December 15th - 7:00 PM


Is your dog having some trouble sitting still when you ask them to? Perhaps impatient or impulsive? This one-day workshop will provide some tips and exercises to teach a reliable stay and practice impulse control.

Dogs must already know a sit or down.

Please bring a mat for your dog to lay on and a couple cups of food rewards.

Stays and Impulse Control


December 29th - 5:00 PM


Is your dog easily distracted by the world around them? Do they only pay attention when there is a treat in your hand? This is a one-day workshop introducing a variety of exercises used to encourage attention and eye contact as well as getting rewards off of your person.

Please bring a plastic or glass container or a treat pouch that closes completely along with at least 2 cups of food rewards (in the container/pouch) and a mat for your dog to lay on.

Reactive dogs (aka dogs who bark, lunge, or growl at other dogs) and dogs who are reacting with excessive barking or growling toward people are not appropriate for this class (see Reactive Rover). Very shy or nervous dogs are welcome but may not get what they need out of this workshop.

Focus, Attention, & Delayed Rewards


December 18th - 4:30 PM


Thinking about taking the Canine Good Citizen test and would like to see where you and your dog are at? Would you like to practice the exercises in a more formal test setting than your at-home training? This is a one-hour CGC practice test where food and toy rewards are allowed and encouraged.

If there are not at least 3 sign-ups by December 14 the workshop will either be postponed or canceled & refunded.

AKC (American Kennel Club) registration is not required for this workshop.

Canine Good Citizen Practice


December 29th - 2:00 - 4:00 PM


Taking the 10-skill CGC test is the final payoff for all your hard work! Once you feel like you and your dog have mastered all ten skills, you’re ready to take the CGC Test with AKC Approved CGC Evaluator Jennifer Schneider.

If there are not at least 4 sign-ups by December 22nd the test will either be postponed or canceled & refunded.

AKC (American Kennel Club) registration is not required.

Here are the 10 test elements: click here.

Limit 10 Dogs

Canine Good Citizen Test