Companion Dog Workshops/Events

Kathy Weaver, CPDT-KA, CNWI, CTDI, is offering four (4) three-hour Novice level workshops during October and November. The first workshop has been completed.

All workshop dates: left and right-side heeling and performing behaviors on both sides and in front of the handler.

November 14: paw lifts, bow, center position, figure-8 weave, multiple leg weaves.

November 28: bow, front cross dog, front cross handler, switch back, about U-180.




$60 per workshop

Rally Freestyle Workshop

Are you tired of your dog digging in the yard? Pestering you for attention when you’re trying to relax? Getting into things they shouldn’t?


In this 2 hour workshop we will delve into the world of canine enrichment - an excellent way to provide your dog with independent entertainment (so you can do other stuff!), work their brains to tire them out, and teach them to self settle more easily.



Boredom Busters!

The holidays are coming, and that means lots of opportunity for mischief for dogs!


Set your dog up for holiday success (and yourself up for less holiday stress!) by teaching your dog awesome skills like settling on a dog bed (away from the action), not stealing food from counters or low tables, not barking at the door/doorbell, choosing to play with their own toys rather than things like shoes, presents, or purses, not jumping on guests, and more!


This 2 hour workshop will go over the basics for a variety of topics.



Holiday Manners

Does your dog listen perfectly at home, but turn their ears off when out and about? Would you like to get fabulous focus and awesome obedience no matter where you go?


In this 2 hour workshop we’ll discuss strategies for building better focus and listening skills, management techniques for the times when our dogs are struggling, ways to build motivation for dogs who lose interest in food once things get exciting, and more!



Focus Around Distractions

Does your dog greet people like a whirlwind of wagging tail, tongue, and paws? Does your dog struggle to settle or focus on you when guests come over?


In this workshop we’ll cover a variety of exercises to teach appropriate, non-jumping greetings in a variety of scenarios, plus settling in exciting situations with guests.



No Jumping Up

Are you tired of your dog snatching food or other things off of counters, tables, or out of bags? Or do you want to prevent food-stealing before it becomes an issue?


In this 2 hour workshop, we’ll go over training exercises, management techniques, and other strategies to make countersurfing a problem of the past! Many of the exercises in this class will also help with dogs who get overly fixated on food during training or day to day activities.



Countering Countersurfing

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