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Zanee Seminars and Events

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NO FEAR Halloween

Puget Sound Poodle Club 
Sponsored by
Zanee Agility
at Run Wild
Dog Sports & Training Center
October 27th - 29th, 2023

Judge: Dave Sliger (#106105)

Course Designers:

Stefanie Semkat (Germany) [10/27]

Petr Pupik (Poland) [10/28]

Neil Ellis (England) [10/29]

1 Ring - 100' x 130' on artificial turf

Friday: ISC Jumping 1-3; ISC Agility 1-3

Saturday: ISC Agility 1-3; ISC Jumping 1-3

Sunday: ISC Jumping 1-3; ISC Agility 1-3

Limited to 350 runs per day

FEO allowed

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