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Ashley Deacon Seminar

June 4, 5, 6, 2021

Outdoor on Grass

Ashley is one of the most accomplished agility competitors in USA history. He has been competing in agility at the highest levels since 2004. Together with his two pyrenean shepherds, Luka and Dash, he has won USA national agility competitions 16 times. He has also represented the USA at the FCI World Agility Championships 5 times, winning the individual gold medal in 2011 and the team silver medal in 2009. Ashley’s young border collie, Neve, is currently learning the sport!


Ashley is dedicated to coaching and helping students grow in the sport by building a strong connection with their dogs. Ashley has been teaching agility since 2011 and is a founding partner and instructor at Golden Gate Dog Sports in San Francisco.

Friday 9:00AM -  Young Dog Training

Friday 2:00PM -  Walk the Line

Saturday 3:00PM - International / Masters Handling 1

Sunday 9:00AM - International / Masters Handling 2

Sunday 2:00PM  - Handler Choices 

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Zanee Agility Unsanctioned Spring Cup 

June 5, 2021

Outdoor on Grass

This is a non sanctioned agility cup with CASH prizes!

  • Affordable Entries

  • Great Challenging Courses That FLOW

  • Safe Distances

  • Training Allowed In The Ring

  • Fun People!

  • Mulligan Runs!

  • One Round Biathlon & One Round Speedstakes

  • Great For Young Dogs That Need More Experience

  • Outdoors On Grass (Weather Permitting)

  • CASH PRIZES and Bragging Rights

Join us and get ready for a fantastic time and a great event!

Sign up using the form then pay on the website. 

Copy of Copy of 2021 Spring Cup

The Unicorn Cup

June 16 & 17, 2021

Outdoors on Grass


Presented by

Boston Terrier Club of Western WA & Argus Ranch


Judge Dan Butcher

(Course designed by Svetlana Kreslina)

AKC Special Event - "The Unicorn Cup"  

3 ISC Classes/day

Opens April 16, 2021

Closes June 9, 2021

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Shade Whitesel 2021 Seminar-png.png

Shade Whitesel Seminar

June 26 & 27, 2021

Toy play / Marker Cues


Have a dog that you want to use tugging or chase to reinforce behaviors? Have a dog that loves to chase, but doesn’t love to bring the toy back? Have a dog with excellent toy skills but when you ask for obedience or agility skills, it all deteriorates? This seminar covers how to harness those prey instincts into a reinforcement that you can us in training.

This is an excellent foundation for all sports. We create a thinking reinforcement, using marker cues, and teach how to create toy play reinforcement. Location and arousal dependent marker cues are becoming a thing! Learn why and how from one of the first trainers to use them in sport. We’ll practice them on each other first, then teach your dogs the difference between at least two different marker cues and explore the possibilities for improving your communication, along with the why.

1 st day:

  • Am. Lecture on marker cues,

  • working spots get out without dogs, then with dogs

  • Pm. Lecture on chase

  • Working spots get out once.

2 nd day:

  • Am. Lecture on tug

  • Working spots get out 3-4 times

  • Handler’s choice if there is time

About Shade: 

In 1994, I achieved my dream and took the plunge into dog training for a living. Along the way, I worked as a kennel manager, a veterinary technician, a dog groomer, and attended many continuing education seminars and workshops to attain the knowledge I now use. These days I compete in Schutzhund and AKC obedience with my current dogs, teach handlers how to play with their dogs, and teach humans how to teach their dogs to live in this complexing world, as well as problem solving behavior of all kinds, including aggression.

Currently, I would consider myself a clicker trainer. What that means to me is that behavior is the dog's choice and it's up to me to control their access to reinforcement and teach and motivate the dog so that they choose what I want.

That lightbulb moment when the dog hits on the right behavior and then repeats it again, I love that! I believe that when you respect the dog as a thinking partner in the learning process, you come away with a much greater understanding of why he acts the way he does, and can create strong, confident and clear behavior skills.

Over the last 20 plus years of training dogs, I’ve used all sorts of tools, including e collars and prongs, treats and toys. I’ve morphed into using primarily positive reinforcement these days, and do not find it necessary to use any pressure or correction based tools to achieve life manners, behavior modification or sport (AKC or Schutzhund) behaviors. I specialize in high drive dogs, and love to teach their handlers how to channel their prey drive and arousal issues into reinforcement that the handler controls, along with teaching the dogs how to be calm and not adrenalized 24-7.

Tracy Sklenar Seminar

July 16, 17, 2021

More information coming soon.