Disc Dog

Disc Dog (canine Frisbee) classes and league are will be available for spring and summer. 

We offer from time to time a class that is held outdoors in the agility field. Learn different techniques and how to throw a disc! 

Dogs love to chase and catch Frisbees — this is a toss and Fetch competition for dog and handler teams.

Since 2002 she has been using positive training techniques to help owners achieve their goals for themselves and their dogs. 

From time to time we hold workshops to work on specific skills and fun matches to practice on skills while having a competition. 

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Argus Ranch Dog Sports and Training Center is located in Auburn, WA. On our 20 acres we offer classes, seminars, workshops, and dog event hosting. With two large arenas, RV, camping, a large old barn with bedrooms, and a place for judges to stay, we are the premier place to train and play!


   - Agility

   - Barn Hunt

   - Companion Dog

   - Disc Dog

   - Flyball

   - Nosework

   - Tricks (fun & sport)


Event Hosting

     - Agility

     - Barn Hunt

     - Conformation

     - Lure Coursing

     - Nosework

     - Obedience

     - Rally

     - Seminars
     - Tracking

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