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Sabina Stasna

Sabina has taught many seminars in her native Czech Republic and all around the world. She has been well received everywhere she has taught.  Sabina specializes in building drive and control, passion for running.

In her personal agility philosophy, Sabina places great value on the relationship between herself and her dogs, which includes understanding their personalities. “I am always supporting my dogs’ strengths as well as helping them improve their weaknesses.  It is important to me to give them maximum support on the course. That's why I am always trying to be very precise as a handler.  At the same time I am very focused on teaching perfect foundations and building skills to maximize dog’s understanding so he can rely on what he learned and run at full speed.  To that end, I like to keep training simple and fun. That's why I believe that one of the most important things is to setup and adhere to a correct and fair training system where one’s dog can happily thrive!”

Sabina has successfully competed nationally and internationally in agility since 2011.  Here is a list of some of her most recent accomplishments:

Czech European Open team 2018, 2019, 2022
Czech Agility World Championship team 2019
1st place in World Agility Open tryouts
1st place in agility at Magna Racino 2019
Border Collie Classic Team Champion 2018
Border Collie Classic Finalist 2018
National Team Champion 2019
1st place in team aglity at European Open 2019
3rd place in team agility at Agility World Championship 2019
3rd place in jumping at Border Collie Classic 2019
Border Collie Classic Finalist 2019
1st place in agility at Silesian Open 2019
2nd place in final at Silesian Open 2019
2nd place in jumping at Magna Racino 2019
1st place in agility at Hungarian Open 2019
****Covid Break****
2nd place in Moravia Open final 2021
1st place in jumping teams at Czech National Championship 2021
1st place in agility at Slovenian Open 2021
2nd place in jumping at Hungarian Open 2022
Finalist Moravia Open 2022
Finalist Prague Agility Party 2022

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