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Barn Hunt - Judging at our Events


Thank you for stopping by! Below you will find a summary about the facility, and the kind of trials that we put on here at Run Wild (formerly Argus Ranch). All of this is just to give you taste of who we are and what it is like to judge here. 

The Facility - 

Run Wild Dog Sports and Training Center is located in Auburn, WA. The 20-acre property offers classes, seminars, workshops, and hosts dog events like Agility, Conformation, Nose Work, Barn Hunt and more. With two large arenas, RV, camping, a large old barn with bedrooms, and a place for judges to stay, we are the premier place to train and play!

Dogs are welcome throughout the property and buildings. 

The Barn Hunt rings are in the Zanee Agility Arena with two rings permanently there for classes and events, and we add a third and fourth ring when needed for our trials. We also host the Northwest's Barn Hunt Regional in early fall each year. The arena is considered open air with a dirt floor and PVC fencing for the rings. The two permanent rings are 24 x 32 and the other two rings can go up to 32 x 32. Blinds are 10 x 30.  

Here is a picture tour of Run Wild -

Here are two short videos:

                         Video from Zanee Arena                                                                                Video Inside Zanee Arena

Events - 

We normally have events 5 times a year, March, April, June, September (Regional), and November. All of the trials except November are 3 rings minimum, three days, for a total of 6 trials. We offer Instinct in the 1st trial each day only and all other classes plus Crazy8s each trial. November is a little edited, not because we can't fill three rings for 3 days, but because of not wanting to set up on Thanksgiving Day. We set up on Friday morning and only run Master and Crazy8s that afternoon.

We support 600 to 950 runs a weekend, so we normally fill very fast. Our MRV's for Judges is spans 240 - 260, so we have to rely on our judges to nest their courses and leave big rebuilds for the evening. We do our best to get the right workers in those rings to move through the runs. 


We will run judges dogs before the trial begins at around 7 am and at the end of the day after all competitors have run unless your dog is in Novice, Open or Senior, then it will be run either before or after each class.                                                    

Look forward to hearing from you!

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