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Thread The Needle, FUNfetti, Skills & Drills for Agility, Tricks for Dogs Sports, & Bring Me That Toy! Don't forget to check out our other online classes, too. Puppy, threadles, contacts, and more! 

Welcome to Argus Ranch

Companion Dog Classes 

Puppy Kindergarten 

For all of you with new puppies ages 8 to 16 weeks. The class is an ongoing and rolling enrollment, meaning you can start at anytime. 

To read more about the class, click here.

Rowdy to Well Mannered

Get your excitable dog focused so they can sit, down, walk on a leash, and more! 

To read more about the class, click here.

Beyond Basics Sports Prep

This is ideal for dogs that already know the basics, but need to build the foundation skills necessary to pursue a competitive career in agility, flyball or other dog sports.    

To read more about the class, click here.

Classes Online

Bring Me That Toy!

Taught by Jordan Biggs & Hana Spitz

Cost: $85

Learn how to build & maintain a fantastic retrieve to hand! In this course your dog will learn how to retrieve objects (including toys!) straight to your hand!


To read more about the class, click here.

Tricks for Dog Sports

Taught by Jordan Biggs & Hana Spitz

Cost: Working $249, Audit $125

Each lesson in this class progressively builds on one another so your dog easily learn the tricks in this class. This class has a wide variety in tricks to build better body awareness, strengthening tricks, thinking tricks and so much more!

To read more about the class, click here.

Skills & Drills for Agility

Taught by Jordan Biggs & Hana Spitz

Cost: $249

Looking for ways to improve and challenge your training in small spaces? This class is for you! Each lesson consists of a skill proofing exercise, a warm up drill, small space drills, larger space drills & a course. Whether you are looking for more ways to challenge your handing, training or you are getting ready for a large event this class will proof and test your training! 

To read more about the class, click here.

Fantastic Running Contacts Fall 2022

Taught by Jordan Biggs & Hana Spitz

Cost: Working $249, Audit $179

Each lesson in this class progressively builds the skills needed to teach your dog a successful running dogwalk and A-frame. Jordan uses a mat work method, focusing on teaching obstacle commitment after the dogwalk while creating and maintaining the mat criteria. The class starts with creating value for the mat and understanding of the task. That understanding is then moved to a plank and gradually built into a complete dogwalk performance as well as A-frame performance. Training and adding verbals for dogwalk exits (go straight, collect, turn away) is also covered as well as some obstacle sequencing.

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Seriouslee & Friends Training Chronicles - Taught by Jordan Biggs 

Cost: $85 (self study)     

Follow along with Jordan as she trains tricks, shaping, fitness, verbals, running contacts and more with her new puppy Seriouslee and her puppy friends! Sign me up!

Seriouslee & Friends Agility Chronicles - Taught by Jordan Biggs 

Cost: $150 (self study)

Follow along with Jordan through Seriee's agility foundation training! Now that she has built a strong foundation for working together through distractions in any new environment you can follow along as she trains all the agility skills needed for an amazing agility dog!

Two sign up options! One-time payment of $150 for 6 months of material and lifetime access.


Sign me up for one-time payment!

Verbals for Agility

Taught by Jordan Biggs

Cost: $99 (self study)

This course will walk you through how you can teach your dog to UNDERSTAND verbals. It will help you and your dog master all the skills needed to have consistent verbal understanding in any situation. 

Your dog will learn - Verbal discriminations; The value of your verbals; Verbals with handler motion; Breaking naughty equipment self rewarding habits; How to truly understand each of your verbals. Sign me up!

Get Back In Shape

Taught by Leslie Eide

Cost: $47 (self study)

Ready to get back in the game? The ongoing global pandemic has thrown everyone’s world upside down, including our dogs! Get (Back) In Shape will teach you a basic understanding of canine fitness and guide you step by step to get your dog ready to return to the games you both love. We will cover cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility. Learn from the best how to get your dog back in the game and stay in the game. 


Sign me up!

Companion Dog Manners - Basics 

This class is for dogs of all ages. This is a foundation/basic manners class. We will focus on teaching good manners and behaviors using reward and engagement. This is a great class for dogs of all ages, dogs that just need a refresher, or are new to your home. If you want to know more, click here

Practice Rentals

Competition Arena practice rental - To book either ring 1 or ring 2 in the competition arena to practice on your own, click here. This is ONLY available for current Argus Ranch students in our agility classes, otherwise you need pre-approval before signing up. 

Zanee Arena practice rental - If you would like to book time in the Zanee arena to practice agility, click here. 


Field Rentals - Rent the BIG Field to run your dogs, click here.

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