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Zanee Summer Camp Photos



Peggy & Ziva

Zanee Camp was the first camp Ziva and I have attended and we’re ready to sign up for 2020.  Four awesome coaches provided wonderful seminars and challenging courses. The atmosphere throughout the weekend was positive, energetic and lent itself to making new friendships.  I came away from camp feeling powerful with a renewed spirit for the sport I love. Thank you Jordan and crew for making this experience available and we can’t wait for next year so my Baby Gordon can join us. 


...So, sign me up. Oh, and you should probably have camp every month in the summer because I think everyone who was there wants to come again and that wouldn’t give anyone else a chance to experience it.

Laurie & Emily

The trainers were great, each one happily broke skills down when we needed it and challenged us to excel. Each trainer had a unique teaching style and, most importantly, each had a sense of fun! I also felt that the time the Zanee team  spend placing individuals in groups was time well spent. The team I was placed with had more experience overall than I did, and they were very welcoming and super helpful..and that placement challenged me as a result. Go Orcas!

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