About Kirstin:


Kirstin O'Neill is a trainer and many time World Agility Team member from Edmonton CAN. She has trained and competed in agility and other sports with many non-traditional breeds such as Borzoi, Berger Picard, Whippet, Parson's Russell Terrier, Malinois, as well as mixed breed. Kirstin's dogs Beckham (PRT)(RIP) and Radical Rabbit (Malinois) are both Regional and National Champions; both have earned spots on world teams competing at IFCS, FCI, and EO, and both have brought home GOLD for Canada from the World Agility Championships! Radical also won the FCI/EO tryouts at 9 years old. Crunch, Kirstin’s rescue mix is also a medalist and placed top three several times at WAO and IFCS as did her Malinois Posh Piranha. Both Crunch and Posh Piranha also won national titles. Her Whippet Tenacious Turtle placed top 5 in multiple rounds at AWC tryouts.

When it comes to training, she is a firm believer in using aspects of different sports to help better performances in ALL venues. She has trained dogs in many dog sports including Agility, Flyball, Obedience, Trick Training, Disc, Dock Diving, Freestyle, Barn Hunt, Terrier Trials, Whippet Racing (Straight/Oval/Coursing), IPO, French Ringsport, Tracking, Rally, Scent Hurdling, and Conformation, and all are interconnected. 

Kirstin O'Neill Seminars

November 5 - 6, 2021

Competition and Zanee Arenas

 We are pleased to be able to welcome Kirstin to Argus Ranch for 2 days of seminars and hope you can join us to share in Kirstin's dynamic training techniques and unique approach to dog sports.

Working Spots limited to 8: $125 per 3.5 hour sessions

Audit Spots limited to 6: $40 per session

Friday, November 5th, 2021 
9:30am-1:00pm – Novice Handling/Young Dogs  (Competition Arena)
This seminar will focus on how to handle sequences smoothly using the best combination of cues. In addition, we will look at how to set lines that will help dogs run with increased speed and confidence. This workshop will use short sequences, and help you pull together many foundation skills. Proficiency in weave poles or contact obstacles is not required.


2:00pm- 5:30pm - Masters/International Coursework (Zanee Arena)
This workshop is designed for young and experienced dogs alike. In challenging sequences, Kirstin will put your skills to the test!  She will look at the best handling techniques to get ahead and stay ahead on long challenging lines, including running contacts, and appropriate use of distance skills.




Saturday, November 6th, 2021  
9:00am - 12:30pm Puppy and Young Dog Foundation Skills (Zanee Arena)
This session is designed for puppies and young dogs that are starting out in agility. It will focus on body awareness, skills, and building motivation. This class will help you build a solid foundation for years of success on the agility field. 



1:30pm - 5pm Masters Coursework (Zanee Arena)
This seminar will focus on master level course work, decision making about handling choices, and testing skills. Dogs should be familiar with backside jumps, threadles, tight turns, contacts and weaves. Kirstin will discuss discriminations, verbal control, and all the skills needed to help navigate your dog through the toughest of sequences.