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 Flyball Classes & Practice

Flyball Class 

Flyball is a dog sport in which teams of dogs race against each other from the start to the finish line, over a line of hurdles, to a box that releases a tennis ball to be caught when the dog presses the spring-loaded pad, then back to their handlers while carrying the ball.

All classes will be held indoors in the Training Barn at Argus Ranch. This is a 6 week class for 1 hour each week. 

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Flyball Practice

Already have an experienced flyball dog? Want some extra practice or training? Join Michelle and team for practice each week to improve your dogs flyball skills. We will work on a set plan to build your dog's confidence and flyball fluency while working on drills to help improve:

  • Flyball box turns (your box or ours)

  • Increased motivation using various recalls

  • General flyball problem solving (dropped balls, distraction work, etc)


This will be a working group style class, no formal instruction, but help can be provided through the knowledge of the group. 1.5 hours in length.

Please contact before signing up for this class.

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