Disc Classes and League

Disc Class 

Learn the basics to becoming a throwing and retrieving team with your dog. This class is appropriate for any physically fit canine that loves to catch. The content of the class will be at the novice level but more experience teams are welcome. 

This is a good cross training opportunity for you and your dog. The more you cross train in other dog sports the more you and your dogs bond grows. It also helps build a well-rounded canine athlete for you physically but also mentally.


In this class you will learn about disc equipment, safety, conditioning the canine athlete, warm up techniques, the go behind, throwing techniques, and league information.

All classes will be held outdoors on the fully fenced main grass field at Argus Ranch. This is a 6 week class for 1 hour.


Disc League

This is a great summer time opportunity for some fun! Dogs love to chase and catch Frisbees — anyone who plays with their pups in their backyard knows this. It’s great exercise and mentally stimulating for your dog while strengthening the bond between you and your pet. 


Disc League will run for 5 weeks, of toss and Fetch competition, with a 2 week warm up which will include field set up, mock competition, and some throwing practice. 


All league days will be held outside on the fully fenced main grass area of Argus Ranch. Field setup and throwing practice will be 30 minutes before competition. 

Competitors should bring and use their own personal discs, however there will be some insight for general use if needed. 

See full league rules here: RULES