COVID-19 Business Update

All Who Love Argus - 


We are very excited to announce that we have received confirmation from the government that dog training is NOT limited by the newest COVID restrictions. 


With that being said, the safety of our clients and staff is our priority and we will continue to make every effort we can to help prevent the spread of this deadly virus. Our classes will continue as they have been with the COVID protocols that we have put in place. Please take a look at our guest guidelines below to see a full list of precautions we are taking to help ensure each and every person's safety while at Argus. Also, on this page is a link (button) to our Waiver. 

Lastly, we care deeply for our students and fellow dog enthusiasts. If there is anything we can do to help provide to those that need assistance throughout this uncertain time, please reach out to us. We are happy to pick up groceries for those in the high risk category (or anyone else if needed). This has been such an uncertain time for everyone and we are all in this together.  

Argus Ranch Guest Guidelines and Procedures

UPDATED MAY 2021 Subject to change

We are currently working on creating the safest possible environment for events, private training, practices and classes at Argus Ranch by adhering to the recommendations and restrictions outlined by Washington State, King County, CDC, etc.  Below outlines new guidelines and procedures for Argus Ranch.


Most importantly, we want everyone to feel safe when visiting Argus Ranch. It’s imperative that you critically assess your own health and respect everyone else.   Please remember that no activity at Argus Ranch is worth getting sick over – or causing anyone else to become sick.   Please be mindful and respectful.


  • Everyone visiting Argus Ranch must comply with all Federal, State and Local laws. 

  • Read and familiarize yourself about Coronavirus and how to prevent transmission before you visit Argus Ranch.   Sources include:  WA State Coronavirus Response (, King County ( CDC Guidelines.

  • Please be aware that King County has issued a new health directive:  All King County residents, fully vaccinated or not, are strongly encouraged to continue wearing masks in indoor public areas.  For anyone who is not fully vaccinated, the State Department of Health Order also remains in effect:

  • All guests must sign the additional waiver/informed consent form for Argus Ranch.  Coming to Argus Ranch is done at your own risk.

  •  If you are ill, have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle aches, or new loss of taste or smell or have been exposed to someone who has, you must stay home.  

  • If you develop symptoms or have Covid-19 within 14 days of visiting Argus Ranch, please inform Argus Ranch Management.

  • All persons on Argus Ranch should continue to practice social distancing to help others feel safe and comfortable. 

  • All persons on Argus Ranch property must have a mask with them at all times. 

  • If you are fully vaccinated (as detailed by the CDC) you may go without your mask in the following locations:   Zanee Agility, Zanee Barnhunt, Competition Rings, Outdoors, with the following caveats:  

    • For classes, private training or other close proximity situations, you may be asked to wear a mask.  You may also ask for others to wear a mask if you are required to be within 6 feet of an unmasked individual. 

    • If you are mask-less, you must carry proof of vaccination (photo is acceptable).

    • If you are mask-less for classes or private training, instructors may require and ask for proof.  

    • If you are mask-less, Argus Ranch management, staff or any Argus Ranch instructors has the right to ask for proof at any time.   

  • If you are not fully vaccinated or don't want to share your vaccination status information, you must wear a mask at all times at Argus Ranch with the following exceptions: 

    • If you're in an agility class taking place outdoors on the grass competition field, you may remove your mask during your turn.   Your mask must be replaced once you have completed your run.  

    • If you are participating in an agility trial, workshop, seminar or event  taking place on the grass competition field AND the organization has approved, you may remove your mask during your turn.   Your mask must be replaced once you have completed your run.  

    • If staying on-site, you may remove your mask when in your RV, tent or in a private room in Brutus Hall.      

  • Masks are still required in the common areas of Brutus Hall, and in the Lodge.   Lodge guests may talk among themselves and choose not to wear masks, but must be 100% compliant if anyone asks for masks to be worn.

  • Masks are still required for Companion Dog Manners classes in the Training Barn.

  • Masks are not required for Nosework classes in the Training Barn if the class structure is turn based  - where only the student and instructor are working in the building at one time.  If a group based class, then masks must be worn.

  • An Organization that has rented an area of Argus Ranch (e.g. competition agility trials, etc.) may choose to require more restrictive guidelines for their participants, but may not have less restrictive guidelines as outlined by Argus Ranch.     


Thank you so much for your cooperation!                                                        



Jordan Biggs

Owner Argus Ranch