Competition Obedience & Rally Classes


Introduction to CD

This class is for anyone interested in getting started in Competition Obedience. We’ll cover all of the rules for novice obedience and teach the skills needed to earn a Competition Dog title. Dogs should have basic obedience skills: sit, down, stay, walk on a loose leash come when called.

Beginning CD

A continuation of the Intro to CD class or anyone competing at the novice obedience level. We will continue our work on skills with the focus on attention, precision, handling and footwork.

Beginning Open/Utility

For dogs beginning the exercises for open/utility

Introduction to Open/Utility

This class is for those that have the novice skills and are ready to start working at the next level. We will learn all of the rules and exercises for open and utility.

Competition Obedience

This class if for students that are competing and know the exercises for all levels of competition obedience. We will work on cleaning up performances, adding distractions and continuing training at all levels of competition obedience.



Introduction to Rally Obedience

This class is for anyone interested in getting started in rally obedience. It will cover rules, how to read the signs and maneuver thru a rally course. We will focus on novice exercises and teaching the skills needed at the novice level. Dogs should know basic obedience: sit, down, stay and walk on a loose leash.

Novice Rally Obedience

This class is a continuation of the Intro to Rally class. It’s also for anyone that has done rally in the past and is starting with a new dog. We will continue to teach the exercises with focus and precision, and run novice courses.


Beginning Intermediate/Advanced Rally

The focus of this class is to teach all of the exercises at the intermediate/advanced level of rally.  It is a continuation of the Novice Rally class or for anyone that is competing at the novice level or preparing for the intermediate/advanced level of rally. We will learn all of the signs and rules pertaining to the intermediate/advanced level. We will teach the exercises that are required at this level of rally.

Intermediate/Advanced Rally

A continuation of the beginning intermediate/advanced class. This class will be running courses with novice and advanced signs, working towards off leash work and performing the exercises with precision.

Excellent Rally Obedience

A continuation of the beginning Excellent class. We will be running courses that will include novice, intermediate/advanced and excellent level signs.

Master Rally Obedience

This class is for students that have completed the previous rally classes or for anyone working on or preparing for their master rally title. We will introduce all of the Master rally signs and learn the rules pertaining to the Master level.


Rally Obedience All Levels

This is a course running class, for those that have either completed all of the previous rally classes or are competing at the Master level. The courses will have signs from all levels of rally from Novice to Master. We will work on improving rally skills and handling.

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