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Jordan Biggs 

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Jordan is one of the most talented dog trainers and agility handlers in the United States today and a contender at the world agility stage. Jordan’s dedication to building and maintaining a strong foundation for her dogs has been a huge contributor to her success in agility. Jordan has quickly made a name for herself in the world of agility winning her way onto the EO team in Round One and making a statement by winning Round One of AKC World Team Tryouts by 1.6 seconds.

Jordan is a highly skilled competitor and handler and is well known for her dogs strong foundation and extremely well trained skills and commitment. Jordan is admired for her smooth handling and her enthusiastic, engaging and creative coaching.


Jordan is known for her online threadle class as well as her online tricks class. She also teaches an online running dog walk class. Jordan is committed to bringing out the best in each of her students. She wants to push them to be the best that they can be and achieving their goals with them.

Jordan represented the USA in Italy at the IFCS World Championships in 2018 with her border collie, Kirbee. Jordan and Kirbee also won their way onto the 2019 USA European Open Team.


Jordan has worked with some of the best agility trainers and competitors in the world. Her classes are inspired by international competitors Silvia Trkman, Justine Davenport, Jessica Patterson, Desiree Snellman and Tammy Moody. Learning from all of these amazing competitors has given Jordan a very good eye for the sport of agility. She strives to continue to learn more about handling and offering the best she can to her students in an online setting as well as in person classes and seminars.

Gillian Crawford

Gillian has been involved in agility and obedience since 1988. She was one of the founding members of Rainier Agility Team, one of the Pacific Northwest's largest agility clubs, serving many times as President, Officer, Board of Director(s) and Training Advisor(s).


Training her three Samoyeds in agility and obedience has been both rewarding and a constant challenge. She has trained many breeds, including her beloved Pomeranian MACH “Cowboy” the "Parti-Pom" (1991-2007), a Sheltie “Connor”, Golden Retriever “MACH2 Steal” and Border Collie ADCH/MACH “JJ”.  Gillian is now competing with two Border Collies DJ and Kibble. 

Gillian has been judging AKC agility since 1997 and enjoys both her time as a competitor and the constant learning experience of an agility instructor and international judge. She was selected to judge the AKC Nationals in 2003 in Long Beach, California, and judges many breed specific nationals all over the United States.

Some of her most memorable accomplishments • Multiple Regional Team Placements; Several AKC World Team Qualifications/Attendance; • USDAA Nationals Performance Grand Prix Finalist; USDAA Nationals Speed Jumping Finalist; AKC Nationals Finalist.


"One of the things that I love about Agility is there is a place for all of us to have fun and compete with our pets – whether it is to aspire for World Team Competition, goals of achieving an agility championship, or having the determination to make a team the “best we can be” – Agility embraces us, challenges us, and we all share a common passion for our dogs and this sport!"


Gillian teaches a handful of classes at Argus Ranch Dog Sports and Training Center, and specializes in power up and problem solving workshops – when a specific performance behavior starts to appear in a competition setting, Gillian has many workshops during the year helping with performance issues specific to agility such as jump clinics, contact power ups and methodology checks, weave pole problems (speed and performance) – to name just a few.  Look for these workshops on our website.


When not working at Argus Ranch, she works for 30+ years for personal injury law firm in Seattle.

Heather O'Neill 

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Heather has been training dogs her entire life, starting with working dogs in her mom's obedience classes. She started agility in 2000 with her German Shepherd, Chase, soon followed by a Golden Retriever, Rivi. She started teaching Agility at Argus Ranch in 2003.

Two dogs are responsible for where she is now, and shaped her agility career - Golden Retriever, Derby (MACH2 Spirit's Run for the Roses CD RA). Derby passed away in 2017. Border Collie, Chip (MACH Speedoggie Woowho PCDX RN).


Derby was a 4 time National Finalist ( USDAA 2010, Kentucky. AKC 2012 Reno. USDAA 2012 Colorado. USDAA 2014 California) and a 5 time Regional Champion (2009 and 2010 NW Performance Grand Prix Champion, 2014 NW Performance Steeplechase Champion, 2014 NW PVP Team Champion, 2014 Western Performance Biathlon Champion). 

Chip is a 4 time National Finalist (USDAA Steeplechase 2014, California. USDAA Steeplechase 2016, Arizona. AKC 2017, Georgia. USDAA Grand Prix 2017, Tennessee), and a two time Regional Champion (2016 NW Steeplechase Champion. 2017 NW Grand Prix Champion). They also won the Silver Medal in Biathlon at Cynosport World Games in 2016. At their second AKC Nationals in 2017, Chip and Heather won the 20" Standard class and came in 2nd place in the NAC Finals. 

Heather and her dogs also compete in obedience and rally, Derby has his CD and Rally Advance Title, Chip has his PCDX and Rally Novice Title.  

Training Chip brought Heather to explore many new training and handling methods, as well as running contacts. Heather believes that there is no "one size fits all" for agility training, and helps her students to learn what works best for their individual dogs. An emphasis is placed on trained skills, so that the dog knows exactly what is expected out of them and develops strong obstacle commitment, allowing the handler to stay ahead on course.   Heather has worked with Silvia Trkman, Susan Garrett, Justine Davenport, Tori Self, and Greg Derrett, and draws inspiration from all of them. 

Michelle Dundas


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Michelle has been a dog agility competitor since 2002 and started training with her first dog, Brewster in 1998. Searching out positive training techniques, Michelle trained in agility with top international agility instructors and dog trainers, and began teaching agility in 2010 when she opened her own dog agility school in Saskatchewan Canada. 

Michelle has been judging AAC agility in Canada since 2015 and currently enjoys competing with her mix-breed dog, Sweep. She has had past success with her dogs Brewster and Boost, and was a three time finalist in the top 10 at Canadian Nationals with her retired dog, Cuba (ATChC, MSCDC, VBA, EXJ Silver) In 2016 she moved to the Seattle area and is excited to continue to teach dogs and work with owners to achieve their agility goals. 


Michelle currently competes and trains in flyball, agility, disc and dock diving and is a lover of all things dog sports. 

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