Agility Classes

Pre-Sport Puppy


This class is for young dogs, around 6 months in age, who will have a future in agility. Class will include safe, age appropriate exercises, such as - body awareness, flat work, recalls, crate games. Handler must have prior agility experience to enroll in this class. 

Foundation Level One


This class is appropriate for dogs who have no prior agility experience. Dogs will learn skills to set them up for a successful agility career. Body awareness, self control, focus, and motivational skills are taught. Dogs are also introduced to tunnels, jump wings, wobble boards, planks and tables. 

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Foundation Level Two


This class is for dogs who have been introduced to jump and tunnel skills, have done all the flat work training covered in Level One, and who are starting to learn contacts and weaves.

Novice Skills


For dogs who have completed foundation classes and are getting ready for novice competitions. Dogs and handlers will begin to sequence obstacles and learn handling maneuvers. Contacts and weaves pole training will be continued. 

Competition Handling


Classes are for dogs who are currently competing in agility trials. Each week classes will include course work (alternating between jumpers and standard courses) and skill sets. 

Stopped Contacts


This class is appropriate for teams that are training stopped contacts for the first time and for teams that need some additional training or retraining of "broken" contacts.  

Recreational Fun-gility


What is Recreational Fun-gility?   Sometimes called back-yard agility or casual “just for fun” agility, this is a non-competitive class for people who have no interest in future competition but want to introduce their dogs to agility in a fun and safe manner.  This will be a no-stress class that will teach you and your dog to work together, build confidence and communication skills and provide mental and physical exercise to you both!   We will begin with safely introducing your dog to a variety of agility obstacles.  As your dog progresses, we will set up short courses that piece the obstacles together.   We use only positive training techniques to keep your dog confident, motivated and happy. 

Prerequisite is our Puppy Elementary or Companion Dog Manners class or any dog that has solid basic manners. This class is open to all breeds of dogs, but they must be physically fit and sound and over 6 months of age.   All equipment is competition grade, but will be set at low levels for safety and for age-appropriateness.   A variety of props and training aids will be used including leashes/long lines.  Dogs will be worked individually with their handler and instructor, however because of other nearby classes and dogs, we are unable to accommodate reactive or aggressive dogs.   This class short-cuts the necessary foundation skills essential for agility competition.  If you are interested in competing with your dog in the future, please contact us about one of our Foundation Agility classes.   

**Prerequisites for agility training - a sit stay, off leash control around other dogs, and the dog should be food motivated**